Why does a Smart Home require support? 

Just as a Tesla car, a Smart phone or a Home appliance require servicing, updates and maintenance, so does a Smart Home.  It’s all technology at the end of the day. As a service minded company, we want to ensure that your investment in a smart home is always supported for optimal performance for you and your family.

IndigoZest - Introducing the Smart Home
The majority of our clients choose a Smart Home for overall easy management of their property, the opportunity to consolidate their house technology into one interface, syncing their favourite home technology devices and brands to work seamlessly together and quite simply to be able to know that their home functions in the way that they need it to.

Over the past 4 years we have worked hard to refine our concierge plan to provide the best service offering possible. We have worked closely with our customers to understand their expectations and there are 3 different options available depending on the size of your installation and requirements.

We understood from our customers that they required Smart Home support at anytime and not just during working hours. This made perfect sense and so we implemented a 24/7 out of hours telephone support service.

What type of support or upkeep am I likely to experience with a smart home ?

If you were to opt for a professionally installed Control4 OS solution, an open platform offering, that has the flexibility to work with over 13,000 third party products, then you will know that each product requires an individual driver to allow integration. This in itself is not a concern, however, each of these products will require an upgrade as new versions of the manufacturers firmware is released. This is not something that you, the homeowner should have to think about. Managing updates, upgrades and other common issues are all part of our service offering and we can generally take care of this in the background, remotely.

Your home network

In addition, there is your network, the backbone to your smart home, your connection to the internet and probably one of the most important systems in any home. Each connected device adds strain to a home network, so it is important to have a network properly built for your home size and usage. IndigoZest will ensure that your network is robust enough to handle your usage with a scaleable network that can grow with you. You may want to add additional services later, for eg outdoor TV or speakers, or an additional TV inside, or any newly launched product. With a maintained network these add-ons can seamlessly become part of your Smart Home solution.

Alongside the support of your solution a concierge service also offers regular communication from our team. We can provide reports about what we’re doing on your behalf, without it disturbing you, which, we have been told is welcomed and appreciated.

Often we are contacted by Control4 homeowners that have not previously had a support service in place and can no longer get in touch with their previous installation company. At IndigoZest, we want to be available to our customers that have invested in us  and strive to build a long term relationship and provide the best experience for them.

Besides any issues that may arise, this arrangement also allows for any changes you may like to make. It takes time to settle into your new space and get a feel for how you use certain scenes and functions. It is not a problem if you need to make changes. Just log a ticket with your request and more often then not our team can manage these changes remotely for you.

Remote Monitoring

Generally with the level of remote diagnostics that we now have we can solve problems, reboot devices, fix issues and make changes remotely in 95% of cases via our remote monitoring software. We will install this as part of your overall solution. We use a platform called OvrC by SnapA/Control4, which has proven a real benefit as ultimately it will save you time and money compared to paying out for emergency call outs or fixes when the system might simply need a reboot or firmware update.

We want to make it easy 

  1. Choose a package that best suits your requirements and sign up online.
  2. We will provide you with a dedicated 24×7 support line number, email and chat option.
  3. Log your tickets here and our response team will be in touch.


What if I don’t know which package to choose?
Give us a call and we can discuss what is best for you. Think about how quickly you need us to attend site when a call out is required. Think about whether your system is of a size where having annual maintenance visits would be useful.

Can I opt out at any time?
The initial contract is for twelve months. After the first twelve months you can opt out with a months notice.

I need more/less support than I thought, can I change my plan?
You can upgrade your plan at anytime. The initial contract is for twelve months. After the first twelve months you can downgrade your plan if you want by giving us one month’s notice of your intention to do so.

Contact us to discuss your support requirements and we can help you choose the perfect package for your smart home.

Read here to further understand the benefits and why our concierge support is even more prevalent in a socially distanced world.

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