Your life today depends on a vast number of electronics. From Smart Home solutions, mobile phones, security cameras and smart TV’s — all of these depend on a fast and reliable networked system to function.

With more technology playing a central role in your home life, it also means that something eventually could go wrong.

Concierge Support Plans enable us to solve problems remotely – often before you even realise there’s any to begin with. You’ve got enough to worry about; let us handle the complicated technical stuff.

Dedicated Concierge Support

Our team of certified professionals is there to help you with your Smart Home solution when you need it. Reach us via email, phone*, the OvrC Home app, or our online Help Desk.

Service Call-Outs

When required, our team is on standby to help you and arrange on-site assistance. Discounted rates for call-outs.

Reactive Remote Repair

Upon hearing from you, your system will be accessed remotely and oftentimes repaired without a service call.

Software and Firmware Upgrades

Keep your system and network running smoothly, securely, and with as little disruption as possible with regular updates.

Proactive Monitoring

We’ll proactively monitor your technology system and oftentimes troubleshoot potential issues before they arise. For Premium and Prime plans only.

What we can monitor:

  • Whether most network connected devices are up and running.
  • Health of connected AV devices and light switches (depending on manufacturer).
  • Internet state and average upload/download speeds.

What we can’t monitor:

  • Quality of audio/video
  • Different apps or services within connected network devices
  • Toasters, wicker baskets, toilets, major home appliances (yet), pets,
    kids, plant life or threats from zombies.

Maintenance service call-outs are provided between 08:00 — 16:30 Monday to Friday.

Charged at discounted Standard Rates (50% lower).

Outside business hours (i.e. weekends, public/bank holidays) response is possible, subject to engineer availability — charged at Evening/Weekend rates.

Standard Rates (Discounted)
1st hour£240 £120 (incl. VAT)
Each additional hour£200 £100 (incl. VAT)
Daily Cap£650 (incl. VAT)
Evening/Weekend Rates
1st hour£180 (incl. VAT)
Each additional hour£150 (incl. VAT)
Daily Cap£975 (incl. VAT)