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Lighting design focuses on the use of light, both natural and artificial, to enhance your homes atmosphere and interiors. Working with our lighting expert, Chhaya, we aim to understand your interior goals and what features you want to highlight, such as key pieces of furniture, artwork and architectural features. Creating a lighting design, that will work seamlessly with your control system and transform your home.

Kitchen area at Family Home- Gerrards Cross Project, showcasing lighting detail

Why is Lighting Design Important? 

We believe that considered lighting will bring your home to life. We know the time and thought that you have put into the actual design of your build, and if carefully positioned lighting does not align with key architectural features and interior design accents, then no matter how incredible your space is, it will feel flat and lack atmosphere. From enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home to improving productivity and wellbeing, proper lighting design is crucial.

Our Approach 

We follow the ethos of ‘less is more’ when it comes to lighting design. We are not in the habit of over-lighting your space but rather creating a carefully orchestrated balance between the natural and artificial light sources in your home.

 We focus on accentuating the key elements of the space by contrasting dark and light spaces, creating focal points with artificial lighting and lay emphasis on the more intimate and social areas. Using reputable, energy-efficient and quality lighting products that offer smooth dimming, we create lighting layers that transition throughout the day. 

External Lighting | Smart Home Essex
Traditional Style Smart Lighting switch

Controlling your Lighting  

In traditional lighting control, individual light circuits, like spotlights or single pendants, are controlled by separate switches. This provides basic on/off functionality and can result in a complex array of switches when managing multiple circuits within a room.
Smart Lighting Control simplifies this by offering complete control of each individual light via touchscreens or dedicated lighting keypads. These keypads replace traditional switches and enable pre-programmed scenes that manage different groups of lights. This is especially valuable in spacious, open-plan environments with numerous lighting circuits and diverse functions.
Another advantage is the ability to control lighting from anywhere within your home, including an ‘all-off’ button by the front door to conveniently turn off all lights when leaving.
We consider shading and dimming solutions to work holistically as part of our lighting control, and through strategically placed motion sensors and logic written to complement the circadian rhythm, you can enjoy an even greater level of control over your home.

Our Awards, Partners & Accreditations

Our team are all dedicated to building the finest smart home systems, partnering with the best manufactures to provide bespoke solutions that serve the needs of  your home. 

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