About Us

We’re a long time Home Automation Specialist and Systems Integrator (established in 2010) and we have the expertise, inspiration and technology to give you control of any number of technology solutions from wherever you like, whenever you like.

Whether you want the full home cinema experience or your blinds to open and close at times that suit you or have better heating control that can adapt to your alternating lifestyle, we can accommodate you.

Naturally, each of our clients has different requirements, preferences and priorities so taking the time to understand exactly what you’re after means we’re always able to suggest the right bespoke solutions. Our design process includes full specifications, layouts and options for future proofing.

Nicolai Landschultz

Behind the business is Nicolai Landschultz who brings over twenty years’ experience and passion as a Home Technology Professional.

A twice certified CEDIA Certified Technology Professional, Lutron certified, RAKO qualified, KNX Partner and Control4 programmer (to mention but a few).

Chhaya Landschultz | IndigoZest | Smart Home | Home Automation Specialist | Control 4 | Systems Integrator | Home Technology

Chhaya Landschultz

A qualified lighting designer, Chhaya has a passion for fusing technology and design to create depth, atmosphere and a touch of playfulness.

With the advancement in LED capability and the possibilities that Lighting Control can offer, Chhaya can help you illuminate your spaces, furniture and artwork with just the right level of light, just where you need it.

Paul Small | IndigoZest | Smart Home | Home Automation Specialist | Control 4 | Systems Integrator | Home Technology

Paul Laventure

From electrics to touring in a punk band to commercial AV to being a firearms officer, to thankfully here! Paul’s love for music and movies meant that he always strived for the perfect audio and visual experience. If you need a CEDIA trained Dolby Atmos cinema designer then Paul’s your man!

Phil Atkins

Coming from an electrical background Phil has always had a passion for how electrical technology can fit into our everyday. Phil is hands on and enjoys the challenges of bringing a home to life. Meticulous on client sites but as a keen gig-goer watch out, Phil can become quite the live wire.