RIBA, CEDIA and BIID Accredited Smart Home CPDs

As an architect, interior designer, M&E consultant or property developer, do you often get asked about a smart home? Would you like to understand how to achieve a connected home and also better understand why a professionally installed solution is still hard-wired?

Get the knowledge you need to incorporate the best-connected living solutions into your designs and set yourself apart. Join one of our CEDIA, RIBA or BIID accredited Continued Professional Development courses, earn points and claim your certificate of completion.

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Be Smart Home ready.

5 Levels of a Smart Home

Smart homes are all the rage today, but do you really know the difference between smart things and a truly smart home? Come learn about the current state of smart home technology using Control4 as we explain the five levels of a smart home and what that means to you in design.

Your Home is Your Castle

Understand the narrative of how new technology is redefining the growing expectations for what a home should provide. Learn how to employ the latest technology to help you meet your client’s needs in the areas of security, privacy, support, and comfort.

Designing the Connected Home

Explore the possibilities for technology in your projects. Understand why good design is so essential in the connected home, and learn about the design and installation process.

Designing Home Cinemas

and Media Rooms

Digital entertainment plays a huge part in the modern lifestyle. Dedicated and convertible entertainment spaces need professional design to perform, and ultimately wow the homeowner. Discover the principles of how to design and implement these entertainment spaces.

Cabling for the Integrated Home

This CPD will discuss the Smart Home. It will begin with a definition of the Smart Home, before moving on to explore topics including The Internet of Things, entertainment, modern building methods, bandwidth and Smart Home wiring infrastructure.

Understanding and Specifying
Invisible Sound Solutions

Amina’s Vibrational Panel Technology has made it possible to create loudspeakers that can be completely plastered over. Allowing for the utmost minimalist aesthetic possible while providing a unique source of high-quality audio.

Outdoor Technology; Extending The Living Space

Today’s modern home has various different forms of integrated technology not only inside, but outside as well and this market has grown beyond just simple audio and video options. In this CPD, we will look at the technology available to enhance these spaces and the consideration needed when planning.

How an Automated Home Can Care for the Family and the Planet

This CPD explores some of the key ways a smart home can enhance wellbeing and sustainability in the home. It will help you understand how a smart home operating system can unify your client’s smart devices to create genuine benefits, enhancing sustainability and wellbeing aspects of their life at home.

Please note online booking is available for online and showroom CPDs only. To book a CPD at your office, please call 0333 305 5305