Wearable Technology Show – Smart Home Show

Speaking about Connected Homes at the wearable technology show

The Wearable Technology Show 2017 at EXCEL, London covers every aspect of smart technology from wearables, the latest developments in IoT, Augmented and virtual reality and Smart Homes.

It was an interesting mix of audience, innovators, technologies and opinions. The first panel discussion that I was part of was Connected Devices and Threats.

The focus here was more on apps, developments and software rather than the connected home, however it was still a very relevant and interesting discussion with many still unsure about security and hacking.

With so many new tools and software available so quickly, we are still in our infancy and these concerns are only just beginning to be addressed.

Day 2 focused more on Connected Living – Homes looking after US was the first discussion point.

There was plenty of discussion around understanding human behaviour, collaborating with other manufacturers, utilities and providers to share knowledge in order to make services within a home more useful. Data gathered is still not being analysed to its full potential in order to better serve the homeowner but it is an area that is growing and companies like Amazon are leading the way in behaviour economics.

IOT Home Guide – Home Products and Systems was my last discussion panel. What products fall under the trough of disillusionment and which ones have huge market potential.

Whilst the Amazon Alexa may be the obvious contender it seems that it is still in its infancy and it is simply allowing the transition from touch to voice. Products that can offer comfort, safety and reassurance are favoured for eg products that offer health benefits or monitor your home boiler and can recognise an anomaly and maybe even schedule a service appointment.

Overall there seems to be much concern over security, hacking and data protection. in general. I can certainly speak for Connected Homes and alleviate concerns due to the structured and careful networking and cabling that is required and therefore your connected home is not reliant on the internet and your data does not need to leave your property.

The future lies in sharing knowledge and bringing in manufacturers standards and regulations for anyone that drives the products forward. As members of CEDIA we are continuously being trained to ensure best practice. This should become a standard across the board to ensure the homeowner gets the best possible solution solving as many problems in the home as possible, whilst still maintaining a high level of security