Top ways to secure your home with Control4

Keeping your family safe whilst in you are in the house as well as when you are away is paramount to all homeowners. There are many options available to do this. Armed alarms, security cameras, access control and door entry solutions to name a few. But making it work seamlessly for you and your family whilst managing all these options via multiple apps and buttons can become complicated and time-consuming. Here we look at the options from Control4.

Integration into Control4

With Control4 there are endless possibilities for integrating a security system into your home. With so many devices to choose from, no matter the size or amount of buildings/land you’re looking to secure, you can!

Being controlled by Control4, it’s even easier for you to have simple control of your system! Alarming, monitoring, and adjusting your home from the dedicated touchscreen or control points placed throughout your home or using the mobile app on your phone. Wherever you are in the world, you are in control!


Home Security Features

With the number of devices compatible, there are many features you can make the most of to protect your home.

Control4 App and Touch Interface

Alarms & Alerts

Control4 can alert you and raise the alarm if any “security zone” changes state. (For example, if a door or window is opened). This is done through notifications to your mobile app or through the touch interfaces placed throughout your home, which automatically detect when you’re home and change to the security status screen when arming or disarming for ease of use.



Intercoms are an integral part of your security! Not only to allow deliveries or guests to notify you that they are out the front of your property but can also be used to make announcements throughout your home (For example, announcing that dinner is ready). Control4 makes this easier than ever to use these. Through their touch interfaces or mobile app, you can view live feeds of your front door, communicate with visitors and even let them in all through one, easy to control system.

Control4 integrates with Intercoms and Cameras

Door locks and Sensors

Using SMART Locks and Sensors compatible with Control4, we can automate your home, so you know exactly when something opens. Each lock, door, and sensor are marked with an icon that shows the locked/unlocked and open/closed states, as well as a battery indicator. Meaning from your touch interfaces or mobile phone, you can see the current status of your home.



If you have security cameras, you can view their video feeds on your touchscreen, TV, or your Control4 app. Cameras can be installed anywhere you would like to monitor activity. From outside entrances and interior rooms such as a baby’s room. You can also use more cameras to give multiple angles of the same location to make sure the area is fully covered (for example in your garage).



A type of “occupancy simulation.”  Control4 can keep track of all lighting, blinds, and video entertainment while you’re at home so that when you are away. Control4 can simulate those behaviours to make it appear as someone is home. To an outside observer, it will look just like you’re home, watching your favourite shows and turning lights on and off at the expected times.


Control4 is an amazing way for you to add security to your home and so much more. At IndigoZest, we are a Diamond Level Control4 dealer within the UK, so get in touch today to find out how we can help give you control of your home!

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