Achieving the best audio for your home cinema

Home Cinemas allow you to truly experience films in the way the filmmakers intended. Through audio and displays, you can immerse yourself in the comfort of your own home. The audio is especially important to do so, so the quality of your speakers is paramount to the feel of your room.

We recently sat down with Paul from Artcoustic to tell us more about how important audio is and how to make the most of it through your home cinema.

Who are Artcoustic?

They are a specialist Danish speaker brand that design and manufacture award-winning speakers for private homes and commercial spaces. They influence our auditory senses, with products to complement every environment thanks to a fully customisable modular format that emits superior, true, and uniform sound, elevating the auditory experience to new heights.

How should audio make you feel?

Audio can be used by directors to manipulate their audience and prolong their emotions and can affect their subconscious. It’s incredibly powerful when used correctly, and especially when used so subtly that you don’t notice that it is there but will always be noticed if it’s wrong. Images show you what is happening, but sound gives the context.

When designing a home cinema how do you approach putting the sound in?

Look at the room itself and the space, not what is going in. Look at the door and window positioning, where they want the seating to be. Ensure that the building foundations are correct before doing anything.
This gives you the best starting point to figure out the number and size of speakers needed, what amplifier to use, how many subwoofers, what display is best.

What makes audio sound best?

This varies from room to room. Speaker angles will always depend on the seating position which changes from room to room. From this, the speaker dynamics are important. Some speakers won’t work in certain distances and dynamic ranges, so they are able to advise on which are best.
Subwoofers are also key. Ensuring they are in the correct place, has enough low frequencies and is loud enough for the room and that it has enough outlets for the speakers so that the sound isn’t compromised.

Artcoustics and IndigoZest

We love working with Artcousic for cinema room projects. We work in very similar ways, starting to access the current room and calculating what products and features would work best to make the most of the space, ensuring that no two cinema rooms are alike. Working out these key features towards the start of the project allows us to build the foundations of the project. Seating position, number of speakers, Subwoofers, the rough position of speakers and then we can work through the processes to make the most of your space!

Find out more about how we built our showroom here or check out the full interview with Paul below!

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