Self Build Projects

Our recent participation at Build It Live Bicester rendered a very real sense of just how many individuals are taking control of their build projects and feeling confident enough to project manage their own dream homes.

We had so many conversations with self builders about smart homes. They knew that it was something that they needed to consider but unsure of what and when to consider it and how to move forward with a solution.

Some of the main questions were around DIY methods v custom designed soluions, internet access, security and ease of control.                       .

In very simple terms, whilst a DIY solution is possible and can offer some element of control you will have one app to control one device, easily resulting in many apps to control many devices with none of them actually talking to each other.

Our designs are predominantly hard wired solutions offering a robust infrastructure that elimates the sole reliance of WiFi. This also takes into consideration the concerns around security and data hacking.  Cloud based devices with weak passwords are a key contributor to cyber attacks.

We are experts in network design and the infrastructure that we design and build will always include firewalls and anti virus software as standard.

We have explained this in more detail in the following link for an article for Built It Magazine.

A reliable internet service was at the top of everyones wish list.  Rural locations, broadband service providers and building materials all act as a barrier to a stable Wi-Fi connection. This is something that we can help you with. As part of our design solutions we will build an independant router for you with additional wi-fi boosters where required to ensure seamless coverage throughout your property.

After some in depth conversations it was very clear that they understood the benefits of talking to us as early as possible . A modern home requires a modern approach and we can help you think about which services you wish to have in your home. It was useful for them to hear that due to the number of services that we can integrate they can eliminate the use of many other trades and work through us to ensure a single, integrated solution.

The end result of our solutions offers a single control interface that allows you to control every service in any room from one device. In addition, as these services talkm to each other it allows a series of events to take place at the touch of one button. These events are custom designed to work around the way you live andmove around your home.

for eg: when you leave the house and turn on your alarm system not only will it arm your proerty but will drop your heating, close any chosen blinds, turn all lights and TVs off (or on) and then set a random occupancy simulation giving the appearance of an occupied home.

Lighting Control just got smarter. At the press of one button it is possible to create a perfect mood for eg: pressing the ‘dinner’ mood will dim all the main lights and turn on the kitchen pendant light, add music if you so desire. This can be preset to a conversational level setting to a pre -set dining playlist, choose between romantic or dinner party mood.

We will be with you throughout your build project and even afterwards. We will ensure that once your dream house is up and running that everything continues to run smoothly by maintaining, upgrading and suporting your smart home system. With out remote monitoring tools we don’t even need to intrude on your everyday, we will just be there in the background if you need us.

Consider us a part of your build team family and we will work with you to realise a solution that fits exactly for you.