Automated Shading: A Guide to Including in Your Smart Home

We have the ability to automate your blinds and curtains either partly or throughout your entire house. All your shading can be programmed to wake you up in the morning, then come down during sunset or at the touch of a button.

Motorised shading can be programmed against the astronomical clock so that you can achieve maximum daylight during the summer months, so the blinds will automatically close at sun set. During the winter months your blinds will automatically close earlier as it gets darker and your lights start to come on.

The Benefits of Automated Shading

Bespoke Automated Curtains - half open

Reduce Light Pollution 

A side benefit to automated shading is in reducing light pollution, as some of the light we produce is wasted either directly or indirectly via reflection and dispersion. If your blinds are set to close once your lights come on, this will have a small but relevant impact.

If you have windows that are difficult to reach such as skylights then these can be automated and controlled from a touchscreen.

Enhanced Security

Automated shading can also be integrated into your security solution so that when your alarm is armed to leave the house some or all of your blinds will automatically close. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to go around the house closing each blind individually and it prevents unwanted visitors from peering into your property.

We work with some of the best shading companies in the industry. Depending on your requirements and location we can recommend a shading partner to you to help you achieve your finished look.

Concealed Automated Blinds from Blindspace

Contemporary Finish 

In addition to motorised shading we work with a company that has developed a blind concealment system to hide any type of blinds, any size and any type of window.

The system has been designed to future-proof window openings for a clean and contemporary finish and can be installed inside the wall or ceiling. The hidden space can be accessed for installation of blinds and maintenance when construction work and decoration is complete. Please do get in touch for further information.

Check out some of our projects here!

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