Latest Control4 updates

As an industry Home Automation is constantly evolving with Control4 at the forefront of innovation. Here we take a look at the latest updates and products due to be released.

Updated: September 2023

Latest OS update! Introducing 0S 3.4 

This latest update to OS 3, hosts a range of new features designed to improve functionality and provide improved support, allowing you to optimise your own in-app experience with greater control over elements such as lighting.

But what does this mean for you?

Clients on our Concierge Support packages will receive this update as part of their annual tune-up. Those on systems over 2 generations old (last sold in 2016), will no longer be supported by this and future updates. We strongly recommend upgrades on these systems to ensure longevity and prevent system errors.

If you would like to upgrade, give us a call on 0333 305 5305 or click here for more information on our Concierge Support.

New Generation of Remotes

Designed based on user feedback, the new Halo family of remotes feature all the functionality of the SR260 with the modern aesthetic of the Neeo, creating the ultimate control solution. Check out the video for all the new features.

Looking to upgrade? Click here to order your Halo Remote.

Vibrant Linear Lighting 

Control4 update - new vibrant linear lighting in situation

Expanding their lighting solutions, Control4’s new range of lighting offers a premium light diffusion experience, helping to enhance any space. Seamlessly integrating with the Control4 interface, Vibrant Linear Lighting enables control over temperature, colour, and brightness, for truly personalised space.

More Powerful Wi-Fi with Araknis Wi-Fi6 

Control4 update - New Araknis WiFi6

The Araknis Wi-Fi 6 is the new standard for increased network capacity, strength and coverage. Improving roaming ability, Wi-Fi 6 is designed to get the most out of your network speed, with more powerful and reliable connections to devices.

If you struggle with your Wi-Fi speed this may be a good option for you. Give us a call on 0333 305 5305 for more information.

Easier Installation with Triad PDX Speakers 

Triad PDX uses high-performance materials like carbon fiber, Kevlar, and Teteron for precise sound reproduction and smoother frequency response.

Designed for easy install, their unique Push Lock mounting solution, exclusive to Snap One, not only allows for a fast and secure install but also easy access for maintenance.

If you would like to discuss any Control4 updates or new products, give the team a call on 0333 305 5305.

Creating the Ultimate Home Cinema Experience: A Guide to Design & Installation

As technology continues to advance, more and more homeowners are turning to smart home automation to enhance their living spaces. One area where this trend is particularly evident is in the design and installation of home cinemas.

Home cinema design and installation is a specialised service that allows homeowners to create a movie theater experience in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re looking to set up a dedicated cinema room or simply want to incorporate a high-quality home cinema system into an existing living space, there are a few key factors to consider.

Cinema Design in CGI

First and foremost, the design of your cinema room is crucial. Factors such as room size, acoustics, and seating layout all play a role in creating an optimal viewing experience. A professional home cinema designer, such as yourselves, will work with you to assess your space and design a layout that maximises your viewing pleasure.

Another important aspect of cinema design is lighting. The right lighting can make all the difference in creating a truly immersive movie theater experience.

Home Cinema | Media room showing screen and Netflix
Home cinema seating with neon light

When it comes to home cinema installation, there are also several key factors to consider. As part of our design service, we take into account factors such as speaker placement, screen size, and sound quality to ensure that your system delivers the best possible performance.

Of course, the quality of the equipment you choose will also play a major role in the overall quality of your home cinema experience. From high-end projectors to state-of-the-art sound systems, there are countless options to choose from when it comes to home cinema equipment. We’ll help guide you through the options and select the best equipment for your specific needs.

Cinema Room showing screen, lighting and seating

By working with a professional designer and installer, you can ensure that your cinema room is optimised for both visual and audio performance, with specialised lighting and high-quality equipment.


So why wait? Start exploring your options for home cinema design and installation today!

Smart Home Support – Control4 Troubleshooting

What to do if your Control4 system isn’t working

Like all technology, smart homes can go wrong from time to time. If you’re experiencing issues with your Control4 system, we would generally recommend speaking with an expert before attempting any troubleshooting as this can result in further problems.

However, there are some basic checks you can perform initially that may rectify the issue.

1. Check your internet connection:

Your system relies on an internet connection, so in the first instance check to make sure this is strong and stable. If you’re experiencing connectivity issues, try resetting your modem and router.

2. Check the power:

Ensure that all components of the Control4 system have power and are properly plugged in.

If you have recently redecorated or moved equipment, it’s possible that some equipment may not have been reconnected in the same way. Before moving any equipment, label all ports and sockets to ensure everything is plugged back in correctly.

3. Reboot the system – where you can.

A common issue when it comes to TVs is the Sky Box. We fit all our systems with a power management switch, which enables you to reboot your sky box without disturbing any other connected systems in your rack. If your system hasn’t been fitted with this switch, it’s best to call an expert to do this for you.

4. Recently changed your Internet provider?

If you’ve recently changed your ISP (Internet Service Provider) i.e. switching from BT to Sky, your system will need to be reconfigured to your new provider. Ideally you should inform your installer before the swap to avoid any disruption. If this is effecting you now, get in touch and our team can help reset this for you.

System checked and still not working?

Give us a call on 0333 305 5305 and our expert team will be happy to help. Our award-winning support services provide both remote and on-site support, available via subscription based packages or booked on an individual basis.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of continuous 24/7 support or use this link to schedule a one-time remote call or on-site visit.