Home Cinema


Experience high end visual and audio entertainment right in the comfort of your home with our home cinema solutions. At IndigoZest, we are experts in home cinema installations and offer bespoke services that will suit your needs. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the best entertainment on demand.

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Dedicated atmospheric sound systems with discrete or decor blended speakers.

High quality video solutions to create an immersive experience.

Sound dampening and acoustic treatment, to minimise external noise and absorb unwanted ambience.

Perfect room lighting and shading to create the right home cinema mood.

We can transform any room in your home into the ultimate place for watching movies and TV shows. We can design and implement two different setups:

Home Cinema | IndigoZest | Smart Home | Home Automation Specialist | Control 4 | Systems Integrator | Home Technology


We can transform any room into a dedicated home cinema with bespoke furniture (comfortable recliner seats with cup holders). This includes but is not limited to, a large screen with an amazing projector, and a complete atmospheric surround sound system with front, side, rear and height speakers along with one or more sub-woofers.

Enjoy a true cinema feeling where the interior design meets the needs of a cinema design and where the walls, ceiling and flooring are acoustically treated to ensure the best audio performance is achieved.


If you don’t want a dedicated home cinema room then you want to opt for a media room. A media room is typically a dual-purpose room where you can use it as a lounge/living room/family room, but has the ability to transform into a room that has a perfect cinema feel.

You can choose between a large screen television or a concealed projector.  You can also hide the drop-down screen which will only be revealed when it needs to be used. In some cases, both can be implemented. The TV for day-to-day use and with the push of a button the screen and projector drop down ready for ‘movie night’.