House with the Views, Portsmouth

House with the Views, Portsmouth


December 1, 2020 — This stunning project has been a work in progress for over 2 years and we were fortunate to work with the design and build a team from the beginning. This allowed us to understand our client’s vision and be able to offer the perfect level of technology integration and control.

One of the main features of the property was its stunning panoramic views. The whole concept was designed around ensuring uninterrupted 360º degree views, with floor to ceiling glazing throughout. Two layers of Automated Blinds (Sheer and Blackout) provided gradient levels of shading and glare control throughout the day with the integration into a KNX/Control4 solution, which allowed maximum comfort and efficiency.

See The Technology Used

Control: Control4 EA-5 Entertainment and Automation Controller, with in-wall and portable touchscreens along with phone app.

Lighting: Control4 KNX based lighting control system with mains dimmable, switched and DALI controlled lighting.  Vitrum keypads throughout.

Shading: Control4 KNX based system for control of motorised blinds and curtains controlled from Vitrum keypads

Heating and Cooling: Heatmiser heating control and Daikin Aircon system integrated to Control4 via Coolmaster

Networking: Complete Ubiquiti Unifi solution, with the router, network switches and 9 internal wireless access points, and 2 external access points.

Multi-Room AV: Control4 4K 10×10 Video Matrix, Triad 16 zone Audio Matrix, Triad in-ceiling speakers, Triad outdoor speakers, Sky Q, Apple TV

Intercom: Integrated Control4 DS2 intercom at gate with keypad for local entry and call button to talk to residents on touch screens and phone app.


Lighting control was also integrated and worked harmoniously with the shading. Working with the Lighting Design Studio on this project we were able to achieve some stunning layers of lighting that both complimented the natural daylight throughout the house and some striking features when dark. There were in excess of 70 lighting circuits.


Entertaining was also another important aspect when we discussed the requirements with our client. An informal, relaxing place for family and friends to gather. The games room was a focal feature where we were able to ensure control from the touchscreens, of the zoned audio, providing both background and party options. Our client had a love for playing his DJ decks and we were able to integrate this third party product into the solution so that it too could be heard through the speakers throughout the whole house both inside and outside.

It is knowing these small but important details that really make the difference to a bespoke smart home solution. If you can think it, we can automate it.

Alongside the TV installed within the bar cabinetry in the games room, there were 6 further TVs placed around the Home. The TVs and in-ceiling & wall speakers throughout the house were all connected back to the central rack for instant streaming of any audio and video source.

Hidden Technology

The placement of the TV in the master bedroom was important. Our clients wanted the option of watching TV from their bed when they chose to but not have it interrupt the scenic views at any other time.

Our solution was a motorised hatch lift that dropped down from the ceiling. When turned on from the touchscreen or remote control, the TV automatically turned on and dropped down, and when turned off, it retracted back into the ceiling. It was also integrated with the curtains so that they would close when the TV was in use. Additionally, we were able to set a timer so that it would automatically turn off after a certain length of time should the viewers have fallen asleep.

From The Customer

As we were building a new home, we wanted to make it as modern and efficient as possible, therefore the idea of a smart home really appealed to us. We are so glad that we did!  It is so easy to be able to control all features of the house quickly, such as lighting, TV’s and heating, using iPhones and Touchscreens.  We especially like that we are able to control all of the features while we are away from the property, which is extremely useful from a security point of view. IndigoZest were great in working with us to design the best system for our needs, then installing and keeping it running smoothly. We would definitely recommend them.