Smart Home Takeover- Hertfordshire

When taking over this smart home system in Hertfordshire there were some main concerns from the customer that we were keen to deal with before looking to support, long-term with our Concierge Support Services.

 Customer Concern

Overheating was my main concern and the safety issue associated with it. And then, the look of it (the AV Rack)- it was like spaghetti junction.”

AV Rack before takeover

On inspection the way the system had been built was causing overheating, which occurs when racks are built without consideration to heat dissipation. This causes a lack of air flow and heat to be retained where you don’t want it, effecting the efficiency and running of the system. We also found several connection issues throughout the home, which was causing TV’s to trip and general outages throughout the day, making the system unreliable and not user friendly. Everything a smart home should not be.

Our Solution

The system installed wasn’t fit for purpose and required a full rebuild to provide a solid foundation, suitable for the needs of the home. Without this solid foundation, you cannot correctly connect the different elements of a smart home, meaning it won’t function as desired and become very unreliable. This did require additional investment by the customer, but investment well spent, maximising the longevity of the system as well as giving them a system they could use-hassle free.

We replaced the 1 over-packed AV rack with 3 considered racks: 1x wall mounted rack housing the networking and bulk of the cabling, and 2 x floor standing racks housing audio and video systems. Each system was given the space needed to allow for air flow, with cable management corrected and labelled for easier maintenance in the future.

AV Rack After Takeover

Once the heart of the system was in better shape, the team re programmed it to our standard. Based on over 20 years’ experience and in accordance with industry best practice, this standard is our commitment to customers. A commitment to not only build their system correctly, but make sure it responds to their current needs while being easily maintainable for years to come. With this completed, all the issues they had were resolved, allowing them to get back to enjoying their home.

“I wish I found IndigoZest originally. Once they got up to speed and corrected the AV Rack, making it look better and more importantly, dealt with the overheating issue, the system started working much better. We had a few issues with some of the wiring connections which were also corrected. Now I hardly get any trip outs or issues with the TV’s and things like that.

 When I first contacted IndigoZest, before the upgrade, I was speaking with Phil a few times a week to try and support the old system. Now it’s only once every 6-8 weeks, if that. I know they are looking after the system in the background and much more confident in the support I am receiving.”

On-going Support

In order to continue to support the customer, they were moved on to our premium support package. Giving them access to helpline support 24/7, 365 days a year as well as regular system updates and annual tune-up visits.

“Support wise it is very good and needed for a system like this. Out of all the companies that provide support for us, IndigoZest are definitely one of the best and easiest ones to deal with.

I would definitely use IndigoZest again but this time from the beginning. We will get another place eventually, out of town and then I would plan to install something very similar. The automation is now seamless and the upgrade has given us a fully functioning system that allows me to manage my home far more intelligently.”


Find out more about our concierge services or contact us if your system requires support- we’ll be happy to help.