Setting up your Control4 Halo remote

The highly anticipated Control4 Halo remote is here, taking a huge leap forward in the smart universal remote experience. Built off of the foundation laid by previous generations, the new Halo Family includes important feedback-driven features such as:

  • Enhanced customisation options for a more personalised experience. Select media, favourites, automation, and menu options with three hard custom buttons that include digital labels for easy identification
  • Colour shortcut button accesses the red, green, blue, and yellow functionality of media devices and other programming
  • Full complement of backlit buttons for easy and intuitive single-handed use in the dark.
  • Capable of media browsing, device control, and scene selection for watch, listen, and lighting (comfort, security, and other experiences coming soon)
  • New Halo Voice offers dynamic access for Apple TV.
  • Full colour 2.8″ non-touch LCD screen. (Touch screen version available with the Halo Touch)
  • 3-5x Stronger signal with an advanced antenna array and Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5GHz support.
  • Ultra-low power processor with multiple configuration settings for extended battery life

As well as being super simple to set up with a ‘First User Experience’ guide, reducing the need for installation support. Watch our video to see just how simple it is!

To order your Halo remote and upgrade today click here  or call 0333 305 5305 to speak to one of our team.

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