Audio in Every Room

Whole House Audio is all about being able to listen to your music, radio, podcasts or audible in any room you choose including the bathroom, the garden, the spa, the swimming pool or any other part of the house.

Typically, our clients like to have the ability to listen to music in their new kitchen/dining/living room, but also in the bedrooms, the en-suites and often in the garden as well.

With our Home Audio solutions, most typically, the sound comes from discreetly installed ceiling speakers, or even from invisible speakers. With speakers installed in the correct places you will experience a nice even sound picture throughout the room, compared to having a single stereo unit on top of a cupboard or table somewhere in the room.

The equipment to drive the speakers are installed in your central rack with all the rest of your central smart home kit. This keeps it neat and tidy with no unsightly wires or equipment on show. The control of the system is done from your smart home touch screen and/or your phone/tablet.

What you choose to play on the system is up to you, but it can include all the common music streaming services, such as Tidal, Spotify, Napster, Apple Music. You can also listen to thousands of Internet radio systems (including all the popular ones like Capital, Heart FM, Magic etc. etc.). If you have a large collection of music CDs or downloaded music this can also be made available.

But let’s not forget the “Whole House” aspect of this. You will most likely have speakers in multiple rooms and each room can choose whatever source they want to listen to, at whatever volume is appropriate for them. Or, you could group multiple rooms to play the same music throughout the home. This is great for parties, but also just for when you want to be home alone and wander through your house and listen to the same lovely music throughout.