Smart Lighting Control

Transform Your Home With Lighting Control

Whether you are building a new house or renovating your home, the perfect lighting will accentuate your beautiful décor while creating a brighter space. Lighting control enables effortless control of all lighting circuits within your home, which can be automated and programmed to create a personalised scenes based around your lifestyle.  Experience it for yourself – book a demo. 


Your home and the experiences you have in your home are dictated by the ease of living it allows. This is where ambient scenes come into their own. A scene is a programmed function that enables you to perform multiple actions across your home and devices, at the touch of a button or a specific time programmed. For example, a morning scene, could open the blinds, turn on selected lights and turn on the radio (to your favourite morning programme) at a selected time, whilst an ‘All off’ button would shutdown your home, turning off lights, audio and TVs, at the same time as turning on security alarms and resetting your heating to preferred levels.


Not only are design and convenience at the forefront of lighting control, but energy efficiency is also a high priority. Our smart lighting control systems allow you to intelligently control when your lighting goes on and off. This, combined with automated blinds, will enable you to easily dim your lights or maximise the use of daylight. Essentially, you can have a perfectly lit home while saving on energy costs at the same time.

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Lighting control reduces the need for multiple switches, with one keypad capable of performing multiple functions. Whether your looking elevate texture, insert glamour or have your keypads become almost invisible, they are completely customisable to the interior in which they sit. The range of finishes and textures available, from our partners such as Lutron, Ekinex, and Basalte, enable a choice of designs and colour ways whilst maintaining a high quality finish.

For more on keypad design, click here to view the latest styles.


When your away from your home, smart lighting can be set to mimic your daily routine, meaning anyone passing would be none the wiser. The setting, know as mockupancy, automates your lighting and other smart elements such as TVs and audio to turn on and off throughout the day, based on your normal routine.

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