Secure and Robust Smart Home

At IndigoZest, our foundations are built on our expertise and experience in building robust and secure networks for smart homes. Networking is everything that we do to distribute data around a property as well as to and from the internet. This includes wired and wireless networks.

Smart home showing touchscreen on side with TV


Almost every smart home device requires some form of data network. There are a few exceptions where we would use serial connections or infrared signals, but this is the exception and the norm is very much on data networks. Without a good network in place you are unlikely to get a smart home that works consistently. The data network consists of an infrastructure made up of cabling, switches, routers, firewalls, access points and the equipment that ultimately connects to it.

Often, we find that the ISP (Internet Service Provider) router is not fit for purpose as it only has 4 ports on the back of it. A smart home requires 20-50 network ports, so this becomes immediately redundant.

To ensure a solid network infrastructure, we also make sure that there is very good coverage of Wi-Fi. This will ensure that you have fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your property from one access point to the next. And from our experience this also ensures a happy family of internet, streaming, downloading, tablet watching users!

AV Rack
Family in living space using multiple home networks.

It is also important for you to know that we don’t just cater for the here and now, but ensure there is some element of future proofing built in by allowing for sufficient data cables for future coverage. Once we better understand your requirements we can specify the right equipment that will work solidly and perform consistently.

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