Multi-Room TV

Experience Clear Picture Quality in Every Room

Create a breathtaking home entertainment experience with our multi-room TV smart home solutions. With multi-room TV installed throughout your home, you will have all your video sources (e.g. Sky boxes, Virgin Tivo, Apple TV etc.) stored in the rack in your central location. Enjoy your favourite TV shows and Netflix series in clear picture 4K quality.

Multi room tv installation - Smart home automation


Avoid clutter by having all equipment neatly stored in a central location i.e. no unsightly Sky boxes on show, no cables to hide etc.

Send your 4K signal to as many of your connected 4K TVs simultaneously, with an HDMI matrix.

Share the sources boxes across multiple TVs in every room.

Experience the best home entertainment with our multi room tv solutions


We offer the right installation solutions tailored to your preferences and needs. Our multi-room TV sources are connected to an HDMI matrix. They typically come as 4×4 or 8×8 (and other sizes are available too). 4×4 means that they can take four inputs and route these to up to 4 televisions. The signal from these devices are then sent out to the various TVs around the house over a CAT6 cable.


Creating the best home entertainment goes hand-in-hand with quality audio. You can also choose to combine this with integrated speakers. This simply means that we can easily extract the audio from the sources in your rack and get it playing through the ceiling speakers throughout. This will create a more enjoyable entertainment experience than in-built TV speakers.

At IndigoZest, we’re here to help you with all your smart home solutions. If you would like to find out more about our multi room TV smart home solutions, please do get in touch.

Experience Multi-Room TV

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