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In today’s modern home we rely on a lot of technology, but we don’t really want it on show. Ideally this should be hidden away and only what is needed should be on display when it is needed.

Most of the equipment used in a smart home setup, such as amplifiers, Sky/Virgin boxes, Apple TV, network equipment etc. should be installed in a rack in a central location from where all the sound and video can be distributed back out to where it is required. So that takes care of, say, 50% of the equipment.

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The obvious exceptions are TVs and speakers. After all they need to be in the room where they are to be used. However, there is still plenty that can be done to minimise their impact on the look and feel of the room.

TVs can be hidden in furniture, in ceilings, under beds, behind artwork. In a bedroom where you have a lovely view of the outside you might not want to obscure this view by placing a TV at the end of the bed or on a credenza, so why not mount it in the ceiling on a bracket that allows it to swing down when needed, or under the bed and have it come out and up for viewing.

In your living room you may not want the TV to dominate the room, so why not have it built into a cupboard and have it rise out when you want to watch it. In the kitchen you could hide the TV behind a couple of panels with artwork. The panels then slide to the side to reveal TV when it is time to watch the next episode of your favourite cooking program.

Speakers can have their grilles colour matched so they blend in with the walls and ceilings. By simply providing the RAL colour (or a colour sample) our manufacturers will do their best to match it and get you a set of colour matched grilles.

Hidden TV coming out of TV unit at the IndigoZest showroom
Hidden Technology

An even more hidden option would be to use a completely different speaker technology with an invisible plastered-in finish. These speakers can be installed in ceilings and walls are completely invisible but still provide an amazing sound quality.

Lighting is also another example where you can hide or integrate technology into a piece of furniture to produce a desired effect. We can work with your interior designers and cabinetry makers to ensure that everything has been considered so that your design is not compromised in any way.

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