House with the A Frame – Northampton

House with the A Frame Northampton


This unusually beautiful smart home in Northampton was defined by it’s A-Frame structure. Our clients were keen to retain the frame but otherwise completely restructure the property. The client wanted to ensure that all heating/cooling, ventilation & lighting were efficiently and seamlessly controlled and an introduction to IndigoZest allowed them to do just this, with additional integration to the rest of the property.

See The Technology Used

Control: Control4 EA-5 Entertainment and Automation Controller, with in-wall and portables touchscreens, Neeo remote controls along with a phone app.

Lighting: Control4 KNX based lighting control system with mains dimmable, switched and DALI controlled lighting. Zennio keypads.

Shading:  KNX based system for control of motorised blinds and curtains controlled from Zennio keypads.
Heating and Cooling: KNX heating control with Zennio keypads with integrated room temperature sensors

Networking: Complete Ubiquiti Unifi solution, with the router, network switches and 9 internal wireless access points, and 2 external access points.

Multi-Room AV: Pulse8 8×10 video matrix, Triad audio matrix and amplifiers powering artcoustic and triad in-ceiling speakers and outdoor tv, triad outdoor speakers, Sky Q.


We provided a KNX solution with Control4 as the overarching home automation platform allowing easy management of all integrated technology.

A Central AV rack was designed, located in the main house with an additional one to service the pool and exterior of the house.


Audio was important throughout the house both internally and externally and we opted for a combination of speakers to suit all purposes and spaces.

Multi-room audio with a combination of high specification Triad ceiling speakers for social areas. An Artcoustic surround sound system was chosen for the Media room and Triad Garden Array speakers for the outdoor entertainment area.

The pitched roof space on the first floor was going to be used as an office and 2 Gallo speakers packed a perfect punch in this part of the space.

A high-quality Triad mulit-zone amp and matrix enable any user to stream music or radio to any or all parts of the property via the touch screens both in the inside and outdoor living space.

Installation of a Video Distribution system in the rack allowed multiple sources to be viewed at the same time, in the same or different locations including the Aqua Vision TV in the Master En-Suite aswell as an Outdoor TV by the pool area.


TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves) were installed to maintain a constant temperature in a room. These also became part of the integration and were controlled from the Control4 touchscreen.  These radiator thermostats, sense the room’s air temperature and adjust the flow of hot water until the desired ambient temperature is achieved.


The Media Room was set up to be a dedicated but very relaxed, casual viewing space that would accommodate the entire family. An 85″ 8K Sony TV provides the perfect viewing experience for this room with a 5.1.2 Dolby surround sound powered by a Denon AVR. Lighting control offers infinite possibilities, to not only dim and turn lights on and off, but the ability to integrate with other services to create a specific mood. Lighting in the home was inspired by our very own Cinema Room Demo space with scene settings for daytime and evening viewing, aswell as one button to set the perfect movie watching scene.


Wi-Fi Routers were discretely positioned throughout the property to ensure seamless connectivity.

The outdoor entertainment space was built to accommodate extended family gatherings. An indoor pool area opened up onto a patio and seating area. An outdoor TV provides the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing afternoon watching the game, and later, the directional garden array speakers will provide the audio for some evening music…. and garden grooving.