Family Home – Gerrards Cross

This redeveloped smart home in Gerrards Cross was built for 3 generations of families, giving us the challenge of providing a smart home solution that allowed the grandparents, parents, and grown-up children to all use it effectively, for their individual requirements and for the technology to blend in with the stunningly elegant interior.

The technology enthusiast son spent a lot of time travelling, so he wanted to ensure that not only were the family kept safe but that he was also able to monitor the property from wherever he was. IndigoZest worked closely with the family and the entire build team to integrate smart technology throughout the house. As we were part of the project from the earliest stage we were able to offer solutions that allowed the family to achieve more than they had initially imagined, including introducing them to a lighting designer and providing solutions for discreet TVs as well as the integration of a lift to be used by the grandparents into the overall Control4 solution.

Project Highlights

Audio Visual

The AV system features a Media Room with a static projector screen and colour matched surround sound audio. A sports-loving father and son trio, this room was designed to watch sports during the day and movies in the dark with motorised blackout blinds to offer complete darkness. The trio had claimed their seating spots on the sofa and we ensured that perfect audio was experienced from all positions.

In addition, there are 7 further TVs throughout the house all connected to a 4K video matrix. Unsure of whether to have a TV in the formal lounge or not, we offered a compromise of a discreetly placed option with the TV set back when not in use but appearing into view and turned on, from a motorised arm when required.

Media Room with recessed TV
Close=up of Contro4l touchscreen showing security intercom video.

Heating & Lighting

The Zennio KNX Lighting keypads had built-in thermostat logic which removed the need for an extra thermostat on the wall. It was all controlled from KNX heating modules and was integrated into Control4 for seamless control.


Gate entry upon arrival is controlled from a Control4 intercom. Pressing the call button immediately rings through the touchscreens around the house, as well as any TVs that are on, and also to the individual family members mobile devices. The resident can then choose to communicate with them, and open the gate from within the intercom call.

The family can activate the perimeter alarm option when they are alone in the house or at night time, when sleeping. This allows them to move about inside freely, as long as all doors and windows are shut – although there is an override option should you want to keep any small windows open.

Security cameras were positioned to cover the perimeter of the property.

Networking, WiFi & Remote Support

With several members of the family viewing and streaming different programmes on varying devices at once, working from home and ensuring that email and internet searches were efficient while concurrently streaming movies or music, and other online devices remained available, it was imperative that we provided the family with a stable connection and excellent wifi coverage.

Underpinning the whole solution is a hard-wired backbone to a secure home network designed especially for a connected home, ensuring that everything worked all of the time.

With the addition of OvrC – a remote management tool, we are able to monitor and troubleshoot all of their connected devices remotely, ensuring further support and reassurance as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients.

Close up of Zennio Keypad

We had never had a smart home before, but we knew that with the size of the property that we were building we needed a way to manage all the services easily. The boys are tech savvy but my parents are not so much. However, everything works well for them and they can use the parts that they need to. Phil and James were wonderful to work with and they were very patient while we got used to the system and understood how to make it work best for everyone. It is just part of our house now, and we are delighted with it.

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